Release Date: 26-08-2023


Get ready to witness the fantastic live performances by CAPTAIN and Ukamea at the community events. Check out the press release for more detailed information on the events!

[Knoxville, Tennessee, August 26th] - CAPTAIN’s August 26 Block Party at Ebony & Ivory Brewing Marks the Start of Regular Community Events in Knoxville. Both Ukamea and CAPTAIN headlined the event with their live performances. Fans can expect more events in the future and witness more live music, rhythms, and camaraderie at Ebony & Ivory Brewing by their favourite artist CAPTAIN. The events series is perfect for music lovers who ought to set their alarm clocks and clear schedules to witness the live music festival and enjoy tasty beer along with it.

The last event lineup was super diverse and full of talent. It featured artists like Patrick Corr, Skyway 61, CAPTAIN, Ukamea, and OrangeTN. You can expect the next one to be just as fun. CAPTAIN and Ukamea pictured performing live in Knoxville, TN 08.26.2023.

One of the crucial missions of Ebony & Ivory Brewing is to create a comfortable, inclusive, and safe atmosphere for the event where people can find common ground for music, beer, and great food where they want to influence the world through music and serve beer! As more and more people join the music celebrations, it will impact the decisions of other people who work day and night in the office. They will get refreshed through the event.

Management at Ebony & Ivory Brewing, Knoxville, TN wants to enable people’s experience with their ability to create a sound atmosphere for everyone and unite them with beer and music. They always had big goals and dreams for opening their core asset and they are now reaping the benefits of their dreams and hard work that has come true.

Audiences who will join the community event will witness the Grand opening again. They can take advantage of live music, enjoy beer, play various games, warmer weather, activities for kids, patio dining, and the space inviting for pets. People can also find a great craft brew to socialize and enjoy the event like nothing else!

Important Points -

There is live music by your favourite artists performing great musical numbers. Enjoy beer, and great food with great friends like never before.

The event promises to showcase Tennessee’s top musical talents like the artists CAPTAIN and Ukamea, who will perform live and provide audiences with musical revivals.

Gathering other famous artists like the soulful Patrick Corr, The OrangeTN, and the rockin’ Skyway 61, who will perform their best to entertain the audiences.

This is a special community event that will cater to all music tastes of the audiences, from soothing rhythmic soul music to energetic rock beats.

Secure your ticket to the extravaganza musical event and be a part of the celebration night to get an unforgettable experience. A memory of the night to reminisce for a long time.

With this event, people will gather and get a chance to witness their favourite artists performing live, enjoy their favourite musical numbers, and get immersed in the energetic beats.

Music lovers can mark their calendars and schedule the event to be there as a part of the musical night.

People can easily secure their tickets for the event by registering on the company’s website and checking out the event's details.

Join the community celebrations to immerse yourselves in the world of fun, music, and beer.

Events like these, when successful, will aid the businesses in learning new things, and management will get a chance to witness a new side of entrepreneurship.

s focusing on education and inclusion in all walks of life. The event brings together all the elements to create a cool and best atmosphere for people across who want to get all sorts of musical tastes. It also symbolizes all the easy and difficult moments of life.

Ebony & Ivory Brewing always seeks to create an environment filled with harmony wherein all groups of people can enjoy and co-exist in peace together to witness the community event with great music and beer.

People are increasingly looking forward to connecting worldwide, networking, and collaborating individually and in teams to discuss their professional tastes and use it as a foundation for sharing knowledge. With community events like these, artists will get their space to showcase their talents on many grounds. It will also be an add-on for people across communities who can join together quickly to share their knowledge and enjoy the music at the same time!

About the Event

Join the community events starting from 26th August. The event organizers are arranging a block party like no other because it is not just an ordinary night. The event is where the musical magic meets the night’s allure. The stage is set to blend the sounds of live music with delicious brews to create a pleasant atmosphere at Ebony & Ivory Brewing. Be a part of the sensational music festival this time on 26th August 2023, from 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm. Mark your calendars now!

All the community events starting with this one, are set to have unforgettable experiences for everyone who ought to be a part of the celebrations where communities, music, and all sorts of musical festivals collide!

About Ebony & Ivory Brewing

Mitchell and Chico first met in 2008. The director of Mitchell's educational program in athletic training was Chico. They wished to participate in Knoxville, Tennessee,'s transformation. They met for beers shortly after college and immediately discovered that craft beer needs to be more diverse. Mitchell started brewing in college, Chico studied the craft, and soon they were working together with regional breweries. Through their understanding, loving hearts, and perseverance, they brought their services and thrived together. While expanding this brewery, they continue working full-time jobs as qualified athletic trainers. Through their brewing of beer, they hope and seek to promote and encourage inclusivity, diversity, and societal development, communal growth by creating a welcoming environment for all. The company will always continue to manifest new idea

Fans gathered at the block party event on 08.26.23 in Knoxville, TN at E&I

CAPTAIN and Legend C. Hodge pictured rocking out to Skyway 61 at the block party on 08.26.23

CAPTAIN pictured vibing at the block party at E&I on 08.26.23

CAPTAIN and friends listening while Patrick Corr is on stage

CAPTAIN & Ukamea Pictured on stage together at E&I (08.26.23)

CAPTAIN & Ukamea Pictured on stage together at E&I (08.26.23)